Sep 2014
Gas Distribution
Development of Specification for PE Repair Systems
Sep 2014
Jun 2016
National Grid Gas Distribution, Northern Gas Networks and SGN
National Grid Gas Distribution – Sharon Harrison, Scotia Gas Networks – Stephen Tomlinson, Northern Gas Networks – Alan Hopton
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of the project is as follows:

  • Analysis and understanding of the most frequent types of PE pipe leaks/failures.

  • Gap analysis of currently used alternative repair techniques to assess whether the established ‘Temporary’ PE repair techniques currently used could meet the Draft Specification as either ‘Interim’ or ‘Permanent’ repairs.

  • Production of draft technical specification for ‘Interim’ and ‘Permanent’ methods of repairing PE gas mains, operating at low pressures of up to 75mbar and also at pressures above 75mbar.

  • Initial User acceptance tests.

  • Initial engagement with manufacturers.

The aim of this project is to look at potential repair techniques for PE pipe systems that could provide an alternative to cut out and replacement.

Success of this project would be a successful conclusion and understanding as to the most frequent types of PE pipe leaks/failures and assessment of current repair techniques in order for a draft technical specification for ‘Interim’ and ‘Permanent’ to be produced.

If successful this would lead to further work under a separate project to undertake development of a repair technique, field trial demonstrations, and updating of the required policies, procedures and industry standards.