Sep 2014
Gas Distribution
Introduction of 19 Bar PE Pipeline in the UK Gas Network
Sep 2014
May 2020
National Grid Gas Distribution
National Grid Gas Distribution – Sharon Harrison, CNG Services – Roy Taylor, Macaw Engineering Ltd – David Smart
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of work includes:

  • Design and install a 1.4kM 19 bar pipeline

  • Establish construction methods including jointing, pressure testing & commissioning.

  • Establish training requirements for all aspects of the installation e.g. jointing

  • Confirm HSE acceptability

  • Identify and manage risks

  • Establish actual benefits, in particular capex and opex

  • Compile report for dissemination of findings to the wider industry

  • Establish way forward to allow 19 bar PE to be implemented safely and efficiently in UK
  • To demonstrate fitness for intended purpose of the RTP material in order to make a 19 Bar connection
  • To demonstrate the productivity benefit that can be gleaned from deploying this material c/w steel
  • Confirm the effectiveness of No-dig techniques
  • Estimate the whole life costs and hence reduction in costs compared with steel
  • The installation of the 19 bar PE pipeline is completed, and a conclusion can be made on its potential effectiveness in the UK network.

  • The use of the material demonstrates an installation cost benefit compared with steel