Oct 2014
Gas Distribution
Siloxane Impact Study
Oct 2014
May 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution, Southern Gas Networks, Scotland Gas Networks and Northern Gas Networks
National Grid Gas Distribution – Sharon Harrison, Scotia Gas Networks – Stephen Tomlinson, Northern Gas Networks – Keith Warburton, DNVGL – Martin Brown
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Network Innovation Allowance
The Project will run in four phases:

  • Development of the test program
    • Select appliances, critical areas to be observed

  • Preparation of the two test rigs and pre examination of the appliances.

  • Experiments on selected appliance

  • Analysis of the impact of silica deposition on appliance performance during the appliance lifetime

This project aims to provide a hierarchy of impacts of silicon compounds on the performance of domestic appliances, from nuisance affects to potential impairment of safe operation over the lifetime of the domestic appliance (~15-20 years). The project outcomes will also enable us to set an acceptable limit of siloxanes in the biomethane injected into our gas distribution networks.

  • Acceptance of experimental programme by ENA members and appliance manufacturers

  • Acceptance of results of experiments on selected appliances by project group

  • Acceptance of analysis of results by the project group members