Aug 2014
Gas Distribution
On-Line Fourier Transform Infrared Siloxane Analyser for Monitoring Biomethane Sites
Aug 2014
Jan 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution
National Grid Gas Distribution – Sharon Harrison and Tina McKie, DNV GL – Martin Brown and Diane Broomhall, Severn Trent WWTP - Simon Farris
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
  • Testing of a loan device, assess performance and report

  • Testing of a purchased device, installation at Minworth, assess results and final report

The aim of the project is to give us confidence in using a piece on on-line equipment to test the concentration of siloxanes in the derived biogas, to ensure we are compliant with GS(M)R Schedule 3 which it there to ensure we are not introducing material into the gas which interferes with the operation of pipes and gas appliances.

  • Acceptance of the results from the initial field trial of the loaned device, allowing us to continue to stage 2

  • Acceptance of the results from the trial at Severn Trent’s WWTP at Minworth, to give confidence to roll out the device to other similar bio methane sites.