Jul 2014
Gas Distribution
TD Williamson Guided Wave Non Destructive Testing Inspection For High Rise Buildings
Jul 2014
Mar 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGG - Neil Russell (Project Manager), TD Williamson – Andrew Little
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project is to be a trial on a specific six storey riser in London as a pre-cursor to a potential further trial on other types of risers if the results from this project are positive

The field trial will look at using the ‘Low Profile’ GUL device to access the condition risk of risers to assist in prioritizing the networks high rise building (HRB) stock.

A report will be produced detailing the operation and results of the trials.

The objectives are to -

  • Prove that the smaller guided wave device design overcomes the barriers experienced in the 2007 trial
  • Demonstrate to what extent the riser pipework can be assessed objectively, and with minimum disruption to customers
  • Demonstrate that the results of this version of a guided wave device can provide a valuable resource for riser replacement management.
The success criteria for the project are:

  • A report confirming that guided wave technology has the potential be used to prioritise HRB service replacement, so focusing operational costs on the assets at risk and deferring investment, thus managing costs efficiently.

  • Confidence that the total lengths of each riser has been inspected and there were no pipe regions that cannot be assessed

  • A report that confirms that all readings obtained by GUL can be successfully interpreted and all readings can be identified

  • Evidence that surveys can be conducted with low levels of customer disturbance

  • Evidence that the majority of laterals can be surveyed without the need for entering customers homes

  • Confirmation that Guided Wave Technology can be transferred from mains inspection to HRB risers and that the results give confidence to trial the technology on other riser types in a further NIA project

  • The report is in a format that can be used by tRIIO to inform their decision on the action to be taken at Kensington Heights, following the guidance laid out in LC/21