May 2014
Gas Distribution
Multi-Occupancy Building CIP (HTC Serline)
May 2014
Jul 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities
NGG- Andrew Newton (Project Manager) – lead GDN, NGN – Alec Breen ( Innovation Manager), WW- Lucy Mason (Project Manager), HTC – Len Ellison
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project is to test the performance of Hydrostatic Testing Consultants (HTC) small bore pipe lining/ rehabilitation system in a standardized test procedure to enable objective comparisons to be made with alternative technologies that could be applied to the riser application.

The objectives are to determine whether candidate lining systems can successfully line metallic small diameter risers and also have the ability to prevent leakage from slackened off joints

The project will have to:

  • Establish the degree to which the coating covers the complete inner surfaces of the rig pipework
  • Assess the bonding strength of the coating, including after a number of different types of physical stress test
  • Assess the integrity of the coating after some basic extreme temperature testing
  • Enable basic screening, ranking and provision of ‘Go / No Go’ recommendations for future testing of candidate systems
  • Highlight further product development needs
  • Provide learning that will inform the work to define appropriate standards and policy
  • Establishing the lists of physical test criteria, to allow the performance comparison of the coating in relation to other systems

  • The ability for the coating system to be applied to the mock riser rigs in a single working day