Feb 2014
Gas Distribution
Tier One Replacement System Stage 3
Feb 2014
Aug 2014
National Grid Gas Distribution
NGG Project Manager – Andy Newton
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Stage 3 of this project is to produce:

  • Description of the end state TORS position at close of Stage 4

  • Delivery Plan for Stage 4

  • Full cost projection across delivery project

The general scope of this project extends to low pressure pipes in the Tier One RIIO range.

The focus is primarily on domestic type mains renewal schemes where the excavation density is typically highest and the benefits are therefore maximized.

This project is a progression from a previous IFI and NIA initiative and is also in preparation for a larger follow on development and delivery project. In order to effectively commission that project it is necessary to identify key potential hardware, software and primarily plastic pipe and fittings options, solutions and suppliers external to the current project.

A practical review of the value adding target pipe sizes for development will also be completed.

To produce a project plan and justification to move the TORS concept to reality by identification of solution options and suppliers that best fit the high level requirements as identified within this project and previous related projects.

Compelling case to support the commissioning of a concept to reality project.