Feb 2014
Gas Distribution
MEG Improvement Phase 2B
Feb 2014
Dec 2014
National Grid Gas Distribution
Darren White – Innovation Portfolio Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project includes:

  • Conceptual Design – conceptual design of the TouchSpray MEG Fogger.

  • TTP Trial Site – installation of the test capability to enable injection of MEG into a realistic pipe flow.

  • Prototype MEG Fogger – development of a 2 spray head MEG fogger, based on the output of the conceptual design work, suitable for use on the trial system.

  • Droplet Size Testing – to test and analyse droplet dynamics in a representative environment in order to determine the droplet size required for the trial.

The scope of this project does not include the TouchSpray MEG Fogger trial preparation and trial, or the MEG Fogger development and certification, all of which will be carried out under a separate phase.

The overall aim of the MEG Improvement initiative is to design, develop, manufacture, install and commission a TouchSpray MEG Fogging system for use on the National Grid Gas Distribution network, in order to achieve a major improvement in MEG saturation levels across the network.

The objective of this project, under Phase 2B, is to produce the conceptual design of a TouchSpray MEG Fogger, produce the test capability, and understand the droplet size dynamics in the pipe flow.

The success of this project will be production of the prototype design TouchSpray MEG Fogger, production of the test capability, and the modeling and testing of MEG droplet size dynamics in air carrying pipes so as to understand what droplet size is required for a meg fogging system.