Jan 2014
Gas Distribution
Pressure to Gas
Jan 2014
Sep 2014
National Grid Gas Distribution
Shaun Bennett – Project Manager, Darren White – Innovation Portfolio Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The proposal is to replace the existing pressure reduction equipment with an integrated energy recovery and hydrogen electrolysis equipment package. The hydrogen gas will be generated from the power generated and immediately injected into the gas grid. The main elements to this technology are:

  • Pre-heat (if required)

  • Turbo expanders

  • Hydrogen electrolysis

  • Gas analysis and injection

A technical and economical feasibility study is required to accelerate this concept with a view to a demonstrating Pressure-to-Gas system in the field. This project, depending on the findings, will pave the way for demonstration funding.

This proof of concept will be divided into two main work streams.

Technology review

The objective of this work package is to understand what information is already available, how mature the technology is (TRL level) and to get an approximate feel for the cost of the equipment.

Commercial and financial review

The objective of this work package is to understand, given the costs and technical risks, how attractive is this technology, will the regulator support its introduction and what ownership models will work best for the network.

Success of this project will be a report produced which outlines the technological, commercial and financial feasibility of use of the Pressure-To-Gas technology for use on the distribution network.

This initial study, if the findings are positive, will be a precursor to carrying out some demonstration projects in the UK and potentially the programmed rollout of many such installations once the project is proven successful.