Jul 2013
Gas Distribution
Tier One Replacement System (TORS)
Jul 2013
Oct 2013
National Grid Gas Distribution
Andrew Farnfield – Project Manager and Andrew Newton – Innovation Portfolio Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project includes 2 key elements; the practical demonstration of the refined concept, and Business Benefits Analysis.

This will include a demonstration event of the refined TORS concept and production of a report to detail lessons learnt, technical evaluation, practical evaluation and next steps proposal.

The Business Benefits Analysis element will summarise possible applications and benefits analysis.

The aim of this project is to deliver a feasibility investigation into the practicalities and benefits of a technological solution to facilitate the remote connection of a replaced PE service and a PE replacement main inserted in a metallic carrier pipe, within the context of the TORS initiative. This feasibility investigation will build on the proof of concept work undertaken in a previous IFI project.

Success of this project will be the delivery of the feasibility study which assesses the TORS technique and informs of the practicality and benefits of the identified solution for use on remote connections.