Nov 2013
Gas Distribution
SEAMS Analytical Pilot
Nov 2013
Apr 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution
Philip Halsey – National Grid Project Manager, Darren White – National Grid Innovation Portfolio Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Scope of this project will include:

  • The production of a pilot of the SEAMS software against a single asset class (Water Bath Heaters)

  • Road map definition for implementation of the decision support tool highlighting where gaps may exist

  • Optimisation scenarios

  • Step by Step instruction on data handling

  • Business Case

  • Art of the possible

Development of an innovative pilot software model for single asset class determination, using Skipworth Engelhardt Asset Management Strategies Limited (SEAMS) software, to demonstrate analytical capabilities and to deploy a system that will enable National Grid to link asset management risk, financial outputs and regulatory outcomes as well as:


  • Identify the investment questions that National Grid (NG) will want to address with their decision support tools.
  • Deliver an analytical solution of a deterioration model for a single class for use in National Grid’s on-going RIIO work.
  • Pilot the application of WiLCO software for that single asset class.
  • Further define the roadmap for implementation of decision support, identifying the benefits being realised and the associated implications for NG in data and resources.
  • Demonstrate the ‘benefits’ of moving to a stable technology platform for investment planning
  • Identify what is possible with the information available and where gaps may exist

New learning in the form of understanding asset condition deterioration, financial modelling and asset optimisation. This will be disseminated in the form of an output report.