Sep 2013
Gas Distribution
Alternative Jointing Techniques for Small Diameter PE Pipe
Sep 2013
Jan 2014
National Grid Gas Distribution
Tom Neal – Project Manager and Darren White – Innovation Portfolio Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Since the mid 1980’s the primary method of jointing small diameter PE pipe in the Gas industry has been by use of electrofusion sockets. This technique requires careful surface preparation, together with the associated electrofusion equipment and adherence to procedures, in order to affect a high integrity joint. National Grid Gas (NGG) is looking to investigate whether cost reduction and productivity improvements could be achieved by introducing alternatives to electrofusion fittings.

Identify feasible efficient alternative jointing techniques for small diameter PE pipe that could be utilised for domestic services and risers

The processes and outputs from tasks presented in this proposal will be documented in a final technical report and accompanying cost benefit model in Microsoft Excel format. Also included will be a digital video file showing the construction of laboratory test assemblies.

The success criteria of the Project are:

  • Efficiency - How does the process perform in terms of cost, and customer impact

  • Effectiveness – Can the solution be deemed safe over the life of the asset

  • Practicability – Is it practical and easy to adopt and what are the training requirements.