Mar 2013
Gas Distribution
Internal Stress Corrosion Cracking (ISCC) Assessment Work
Mar 2013
Jun 2014
National Grid Gas Distribution, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and Wales and West Utilities
Bob Owen and Darren White (NGGD)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is a pilot study, incorporating the following deliverables:

  • Obtain pipe sections from the Lamesley array and transport them to GL Noble Denton’s Spadeadam test facility

  • Undertake an internal inspection using MPI of 6 off girth welds retrieved from Lamesley

  • Identify the gas manufacturing processes associated with Lamesley since its construction

  • Summarise the different gas manufacturing processes used historically in the UK, from 1950 to conversion to natural gas

  • Where possible, identify which transmission pipelines were fed by which gas manufacturing process

  • Develop an ISCC threat assessment algorithm, and provide guidelines to identify the position(s) along the pipeline route where ISCC is most likely.

The aim of this project is to understand and develop a method to assess the threat of internal stress corrosion cracking (ISCC) in pipelines previously used to transport manufactured gas.

Success of this project will be the development of a methodology to identify whether a pipeline has the potential to contain ISCC. In addition this should provide information on the different types of manufactured gas, and identify, where possible, which areas manufactured what type of gas in the UK.