Nov 2012
Gas Distribution
Sealback II
Nov 2012
Sep 2015
National Grid Gas Distribution
Andrew Farnfield and Andrew Newton
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to incrementally innovate the existing Sealback I system, through development and field trial of the Sealback II technique. In addition this will include production of relevant training material, and development of a strategy for efficient utilisation and deployment. Sealback II will have better support from CCTV systems that are now widely used. This solution needs to be for Low Pressure mains use only with minimum insertion distance of at least 20m of replacement pipe with a stretch target of 30m, up to 8” metallic ‘child’ main leading on to any size parent main.

This project seeks to develop and successfully trial an improved method to replace short lengths of metallic main in specific locations of engineering difficulty (short lengths of main that connects onto its parent main in a major road junction) in a safe, efficient and practical manner and to agree an efficient implementation strategy for the technique. The primary anticipated benefits of this project will be that Sealback II will allow mains located in areas of engineering difficulty to be replaced via live transfer leading to a reduction in operational expenditure and risk. Also reduced environmental impact by minimizing associated works as above including the requirement for landfill of excavated spoil.

Successful development of the Sealback II technique, proven to accommodate tapered pipe sections, change in pipe diameters, etc, for mains up to 8” diameter and up to 30m in length.

This project is designed to confirm the Sealback II technique. Development of a deployment strategy and training material will enable the technique to be successfully disseminated for use in the UK gas industry.