Oct 2011
Gas Distribution
Asset Health Modelling
Oct 2011
Sep 2013
National Grid Gas Distribution
John Madden – Project Manager and Darren White – Innovation Portfolio Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project includes:

Stage 1: Gap Analysis / Development of Proof of Concept Model.

  • CBRM Audit across all (2) asset categories

  • Completion of CBRM excel model (District Governors) (Pressure Reduction Installations)

  • Gap Analysis – RIIO GD1

  • Roadmap plan for 2013 submission

  • Commencement of CBRM excel model.

The objective of this project is to develop a Condition Based Risk Model (CBRM) that will determine the future health index of National Grid Gas Distribution's governors and pressure reduction assets in order to prioritise future investment decisions. The CBRM tool will allow the future Health Index (HI) and Probability of Failure (POF) of these assets to be simulated and assessed. This will enable understanding of asset condition and criticality, identifying and modelling different interventions to mitigate risk, and prioritise and select optimal expenditure via a condition based risk approach. 


Development of an asset expenditure modelling tool which is based on asset condition, probability of asset failure and risk. This risk model will provide a robust, auditable and refreshable system for asset management which will support all future RIIO-GD regulatory submissions, and has a user interface that allows the following:

  • The ability to compare and manage governor and pressure reduction installation asset groups on a comparable basis

  • The ability to create robust and defendable investment plans based on a sound understanding of the assets

  • Providing demonstrative evidence of asset condition that can assist in out performing regulatory incentive output measures

  • A quantifiable, risk based approach to both CAPEX and OPEX investment with a clear audit trail

  • A proven methodology, employed by others to support their regulatory submissions

  • An on-going framework for managing assets using industry best practice techniques.