Dec 2018
Electricity Transmission
Positioning ballistic screening on substation sites
Dec 2018
Sep 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Roberto Fernandez
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - New technologies and commercial evolution, ET - Safety and health and environment
Electricity Transmission Networks
The overall objective of this project, and all the related work previously carried out, is to reduce the operational impact of the risk management hazard zones on our substation sites that are currently used to mitigate risks to substation staff.

The specific research objectives for this project are to establish:

  • for a given screen height and position relative to a known piece of equipment, what is the expected probability of a fragment of porcelain sailing over the top of the screen?
  • how effective other barrier systems (hera fencing, ISO containers, plywood or polycarbonate attached to pallisade/heras close boarded scaffold) are relative to the polycarbonate GRP screen developed to date, and what practical advantages do they offer.
  • the effects on debris field from other modes of porcelain asset failure (for example low pressure failure), and study the extent of fireball risk from mineral oil filled equipment.