Jan 2017
Electricity Transmission
Frequency Response Analysis for Transformer Characterisation and Objective Interpretation of Results
Jan 2017
Jan 2021
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Paul Jarman
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Network Innovation Allowance
Transformers and Electricity Transmission Networks
This four year PhD iCase project seeks to:

  • establish a database of FRA results in a common format to enable automatic processing
  • reduce or parameterise the data so that records can be compared and similar transformers identified<
  • correlate FRA characteristics with known design features
  • use high frequency modelling and knowledge of the relationship between FRA responses and design to develop quantitive measures that can be used to determine whether transformer damage has occured

The objective of this project is to improve our understanding of FRA results, with a view to establishing a method of automatically determining what specific differences in FRA mean in terms of design changes or winding damage.

This project will be deemed successful if the database of FRA results is created; the data can be parameterised so that comparisons can be made and similar transformers identified; known design features can be correlated and quantitive measures can be developed to determine whether transformer damage has occurred.