Feb 2017
Electricity Transmission
Novel acoustic attenuation feasibility study
Feb 2017
Nov 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Janine Dickinson & Ruth Hooton
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Network Innovation Allowance
Harmonics, Harmonics and Electricity Transmission Networks
The key deliverable of this project will be the production of a technical report. The work leading up to the production of the final technical report will be split into two stages.

Stage 1 will involve:

  1. The identification and review of available techniques and technology.
  2. The production of an interim overview report on the findings of the technology review.
  3. A review by the Project manager, confirmation of the approach and agreement to proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 will involve:

  1. A detailed desk based study of the options identified in Stage 1.
  2. The production of a draft report on the findings.
  3. Project manager review and feedback.d. Production of the final technical report.

The objective of this feasibility study is to understand what novel, cost effective, noise reduction options are available on the market, or have the potential to be developed for use on the transmission network.

The outputs from the research will provide the industry with enhanced intelligence of novel noise reduction options that are market-ready, or have the potential to be developed for use on the transmission network. A report that furthers understanding of the acoustic effectiveness and cost-benefits of the technology, ease of installation and a view of technology readiness.