Nov 2016
Electricity Transmission
Alternatives to SF6 for retro-filling existing equipment
Nov 2016
Nov 2020
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Mark Waldron
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Network Innovation Allowance
Environmental, Transformers and Electricity Transmission Networks
This project will focus on trialling a range of admixture gases with NOVEC ™ with the specific aim of identifying a suitable combination for use in existing National Grid gas insulated assets.

 Our overall objective is to reduce the environmental impact of gas insulated transmission assets.  The specific objective of this project is to identify potential gas mixtures involving NOVEC ™ that could offer the opportunity to replace SF6 in existing assets without needing to replace the whole asset with one that can withstand the higher pressures needed when using g3 ™ .

The successful development of a test system which can replicate typical fields found in 400 kV SF6 filled equipment.

To verifying the withstand ability of the alternative gas/gas mix under AC, lightning impulse (LI) and switching impulse (SI) voltages.

To develop the opportunities to further trial retrofit NOVEC filled switchgear both within the University and at the Deeside site.