Oct 2016
Electricity Transmission
EPRI Research Collaboration on Overhead Lines 2016 (P35)
Oct 2016
Apr 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Clutterbuck
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Network Innovation Allowance
Overhead Lines and Electricity Transmission Networks
EPRI research projects span across multiple years. Because of this approach, not all of the work in P35 will be realised at the end of 2016. Nevertheless, there is scope for the delivery of a number of reports and guidance documents in 2016.

The objectives for 2016 include the continuation of National Grid’s membership with EPRI P35 and the delivery of a selection of reports and guidance documents associated with the six work-streams.

P35.001 - Inspection, assessment and asset management of overhead transmission lines

This project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Continue to develop tools and methods to help improve reliability
  • Increase the effectiveness of the inspection and assessment process
  • Increase the safety for the public and transmission owner personnel by helping to detect components with a high risk of failure before the actual event through new inspection methods and hands-on tech transfer.

P35.002 - Conductor, Shield Wire and Hardware Corrosion Management

This project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Understand the potential of using near infra-red (NIR) spectroscopy to determine degradation rates and remaining conductor life
  • The continued development of NIR spectroscopy technology application for condition assessment of degraded hardware or component surfaces
  • Continue assessment methods to derive new aging algorithms for atmospheric hardware.

P35.010 - Live working: research, techniques and procedures

This project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • The continued development of safe and effective work practices
  • Development of training resource materials such as, a reference guide book, computer based training and PC Browser based application software that incorporates multi-media content for improved understanding and learning
  • Technology and knowledge transfer to members through meetings, computer based training, webcasts, conferences and workshops.

P35.011 - Polymer and Composite Overhead Transmission Insulators

This project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Multi-stress aging tests to understand various modes of degradation and performance of polymer components
  • A failure database to help identify trends and attributes to failures
  • Developing short duration, small scale tests that are representative of in-service stresses. The tests may be included in utility specifications
  • Inspecting service-aged insulators to aid in understanding how insulators age and the factors of aging which in turn helps improve applications and improve reliability and performance.
  • Developing E-field modelling software to help model the electric field on new or existing insulator designs.

P35.013 - Overhead Line Ratings and Increased Power Flow

This project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Development of software tools
  • Development of rating methodologies
  • Development of EPRI guidebooks, reports, and training materials for implementing increased power flow strategies, and for training their engineers on increased power flow technologies.

P35.015 - Qualification, Selection and Maintenance of Advanced Conductors

This project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Developing a test protocol to compare different carbon fiber composite core conductors
  • Provide information on comparing and selecting suitable HTLS conductors for specific applications
  • Developing maintenance procedures and recommend that can be incorporated into utility’s maintenance manuals.
Continuing to expand National Grid’s knowledge and to deliver value to our stakeholders, participation in P35 during 2016 means the provision of a range of specific outputs across the six work-streams.