Sep 2016
Electricity Distribution
Project DESERT (hybrid battery and solar enhanced frequency control)
Sep 2016
Mar 2018
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Lilian Macleod
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Energy Storage
  • Optimise operating characteristics for battery storage and solar PV to provide enhanced frequency response and the response distribution between battery and solar PV

  • Coordinate response with high ramp rate (solar) that can cause high system volatility with a battery that can provide a sustained response if required

  • Demonstrate additional reactive power support from battery storage; absorption of overnight reactive power or during high PV output

  • Outcomes to be coordinated with the EFCC project to better realise the innovative control system coordination with other resources. Further, the alignment with the EFCC project will enhance the objective of development of a specification for a new commercial system balancing service to assist the GB system operator in being able to securely operate the system in a future with high levels of non-synchronous generation.
  • Innovative command and control schemes will be implemented that enable the battery to respond to external control signals.
  • Demonstrate how battery storage can best be coordinated to provide an optimised response across a range of resource providers.
  • Optimise the capability of battery storage and solar PV power plants in delivering grid services on different levels.
  • Support the development of performance requirements in parallel with EFCC (NIC) project for roll out of a new balancing 
The project is successful if we improve understanding of

  • Availability of batteries for enhanced frequency response with solar PV including impact on OPEX costs

  • Potential market share of battery storage and solar PV in ancillary service market

  • Site specific benefits and limitations of enhanced frequency response at as well as for voltage stabilisation

  • Potential contribution of battery storage combined with renewables towards the availability and volume of frequency response, reactive power support