Jun 2016
Electricity Transmission
Condition Monitoring of Circuit Breakers - iCASE
Jun 2016
Jun 2018
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Carl Johnstone
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management and Electricity Transmission Networks
This research project looks to address National Grids ambition to balance the capability to increase insight into the condition of a circuit breaker whilst minimizing the need to remove it from service during the conditional monitoring activity. The scope of work for this project will be developed in three key phases.

Phase 1 - Software package for processing acoustic signals and showing their chromatic values and tested on a circuit breaker in the lab under a range of fault currents.

A report will be available. By the end of Year 1 the sensor types will be known and preliminary software for analysing the signal.

Phase 2 - New acoustic sensors will be deployed on two selected circuit breakers with supporting electronics, data capture and communications systems. Data being analysed from the circuit breakers and operational behaviours are beginning to be defined.

A report will be produced. By the end of Year 2 some monitoring systems will have been deployed on site. By the end of Year 3 a method for determining the Health Index for gas filled switchgear will be produced.

Phase 3 - From the site data and information extraction units, a health index for the switchgear is embodied in to the software and can be demonstrated on operational switchgear as well as in the lab. A report will also be produced. Process and strategy for deployment into the business if proved viable.

The key outputs of this work include:

· A successful method of applying sensors to circuit breakers while still in operation in an high voltage environment.

· A system that can be temporarily used for routine measurements and an alternative system for long term fixed monitoring

· Validation of a methodology using the chromatic method

· Software that is deployable by a utility to centralize all the data and be used as part of asset management

· Delivery of a PhD thesis, with additional data analysis and final report with recommendations.

Develop a monitoring system that requires a limited number of non-intrusive sensors in order to provide a holistic view of switchgear condition. The aim is to provide the industry with an improved ability to understand the asset health of circuit breakers. If successful, this would increase network availability and decreases the risk of outages and failures on the assets.

The success delivery of the key project outputs, as listed in the Scope. Including the provision of additional data analysis and a final report with recommendations for viability of deployment onto the transmission network.

A non-invasive solution (sensor, hardware, and software) that can be adopted for wider use the network.