Apr 2016
Electricity Transmission
Identify opportunities and developments in EMF Research (2016-2018)
Apr 2016
Apr 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
John Swanson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Health and Safety and Electricity Transmission Networks
It is cost-effective to subscribe to a commercial service to identify literature, publications, conferences, political developments, etc.., so that this work is shared between multiple utilities rather than National Grid trying to do it all itself.

This is supplemented by attendance at key meetings and conferences and dialogue with selected experts; by facilitating a specific UK research coordination group through an independent Chair (Dr Ian Torrance); and by attendance at and engagement with the Scientific Advisory Committee of another relevant UK research body, the EMF Biological Research Trust. These collectively provide National Grid with up-to-date awareness and information which can be catalogued and used to respond to the general public when consulting on new infrastructure or via National Grid’s EMF helpline.

Up to date knowledge of findings from EMF research from around the world enables National Grid to highlight and prioritise areas of EMF scientific research which require validation through replication of the conditions represented within the study.

In addition the MORI poll investigates current public perception of EMF every two-to-three years through surveying approximately 2000 adults on the current health issues within the United Kingdom. National Grid work with Ipsos Mori to indicate the information needed to establish a genuine extent of awareness and concern without bias on the subject of Electric and Magnetic Fields. Provision for one such poll is included in the current project.

The key objectives of the project are to:

  • Maintain an up-to-date library of key EMF research through a research summary of all relevant scientific publications in the public domain. 
  • Develop an up-to-date awareness of evolving issues and findings relating to EMF from worldwide scientific sources to support communication with the general public.
  • Develop and evaluate the current public perception relating to EMF Identify any new or evolving public concerns relating to EMF and feeding directly into the portfolio of EMF research projects currently being undertaken.
  • Identify research opportunities to help validate EMF scientific analysis and findings written in released publications.  
The key success criteria of the project will include:

  • An up to date archive of summarised reports of the all key published EMF publications.

  • Identification of any EMF research that, from a GB perspective, require further work.

  • Research of public opinion relating to EMFs through completion of the MORI poll.

  • Analysis and evaluation of results from the MORI poll and investigate and address any perception risks identified.