Feb 2016
Electricity Transmission
Classification of Wind Exposed Overhead line Spans
Feb 2016
Apr 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Mike Fairhurst
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electricity Transmission Networks

Innovation comes from the application of this method and is aimed at providing a more accurate and confident identification of risk of overhead line deterioriation.

Specific deliverables required of this project are:

  1. Test the relationship between span environment and the repair/defect history. Establish confidence level in the method by applying it to a number of OHL routes.

  2. Classify wind exposure types.

  3. Re-classify environments for each tower/span and show the impact on asset life calculations.

To better understand how wind forces affect our OHL system and the overall risk to our asset portfolio of short term and longer term damage. 

The outputs of this research project will provide the industry:

  1. Confidence level in the technique is established.

  2. Impact of environment re-classification is demonstrated.

  3. Potential for new environment categorizations is discussed with recommendations.