Jan 2016
Electricity Transmission
Feasibility study on the application of advanced materials
Jan 2016
Jul 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Iliana Portugues
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electricity Transmission Networks
The feasibility study will largely be a desk based with significant interaction between National Grid engineering staff, researchers working in the area of advanced materials and third party suppliers. In this phase, the following deliverables are expected at the end of the project:

1 Opportunity analysis and development

1.1 Identification of opportunities for the use of advanced materials (specifically graphene and other 2D materials) to improve the performance, life time, environmental impact and/or public acceptance of electrical transmission system technologies. This will be achieved by:

  • Material scientists and other colleagues involved in the discovery of new materials leading workshops describing key material properties and matching these with an application area

  • Electrical engineers and other colleagues involved in the design of power system equipment leading workshops setting out need cases and matching these with advanced material solutions

  • Follow-on analysis that assess the opportunities that have been identified within the workshops against a number of criteria including engineering benefits, likely financial return, time to deployment, network risk and environmental impact.

1.2 The publication of a pathway that sets out the opportunities to apply new discoveries in advanced materials (including graphene / 2D materials) to electrical transmission system technologies along with the benefits they will provide to the system.

At the end of this project a road-map will be produced outlining recommendations on future phases of work in the area of alternative materials.

The completion of an in-depth analysis that identifies the feasibility and associated benefits that new advanced materials could bring to electrical transmission system equipment.

The delivery of a road-map that outlines the opportunities for the use of grapheme, 2D materials and other relevant advanced materials to electrical transmission systems. This road map to describe the engineering benefits, likely financial return, time to deployment, network risk and environmental impact.