Jan 2016
Electricity Transmission
Improving cyber security culture within operational areas
Jan 2016
Jan 2020
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Samir Odedra
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Network Innovation Allowance
Comms & IT, Electricity Transmission Networks and Cyber Security
Define a risk mitigation strategy to protect National Grid from cyber risk at an operational level, by reviewing the existing National Grid security culture and proposing key areas of concern and mitigation solutions. The proposed strategy to improve to security culture which has a measurable impact on cyber security risk reduction, will be tested through a pilot project in a specific operational area of National Grid. The strategy will be reviewed and amended, based on the outcome of the pilot project.

This project seeks to demonstrate cyber risks within the operational area can be reduced embedded by changing the cyber security culture within this area. 

Develop a strategy to improve cyber security culture that will measurably reduce cyber risks in the operational area of National Grid.The strategy will contain key areas of concern along with proposed solutions.Test the strategy by performing a pilot project on a selected area operational area of National Grid, and then review and amend original proposal if necessary.