Jan 2016
Electricity Transmission
Embedded cyber risks within the procurement process
Jan 2016
Jan 2020
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Samir Odedra
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Network Innovation Allowance
Comms & IT, Electricity Transmission Networks and Cyber Security
Define a framework to reduce acquiring cyber risk through National Grid procurement process. Analyse, quantify and model the current cyber threat across the supply chain. Review the existing National Grid supply chain landscape, then targeting specific asset types and develop a procurement framework that embeds cyber security within the process.

This project seeks to demonstrate cyber risks embedded within the procurement process can be reduced by developing a framework which can used to reduce risks.

Develop a framework that could be used in the procurement process.The framework will contain protocols and procedures to be used when key operational assets are procured.Test the framework by performing a deep dive on purchasing an asset National Grid considers critical, and measure if the embedded risk has been managed.