Aug 2015
Electricity Transmission
South East Smart Grids
Aug 2015
Jul 2016
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Jingling Sun
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Network Innovation Allowance
High Voltage Technology and Electricity Transmission Networks
  1. Technical solution located within the TSO control room for providing coordination, optimisation and visualisation of the transmission and distribution network for a base location (3 GSP’s) and adjacent transmission networks. The solution will be used as an offline tool for the NIA project but will be functional for future interoperability with existing operation systems and data streams.

  2. Obtain detailed models from applicable DNO (UKPN) and TSO data historian for implementation within the technical solution. The TSO data historian interface will be an offline manual feed to avoid impacting operational systems.

  3. Interactive visualisation interface located within the TSO control room for demonstrating the impact of transmission and distribution resource under use case scenarios.

  4. Perform and analyse results of trials to develop recommendations for progression of concept to large scale real-time demonstration.
  1. Develop methods and tools for assessing impact of distributed resource on the transmission network.
  2. Enable visualisation and assessment of the distribution network within transmission optimisation.
  3. Test methods for effective use of distributed resource for transmission purposes (direct control or DSO co-ordinated).
  1. Results and learning obtained from modelled trials of use of DER to manage transmission system constraints.

  2. Recommendations developed to progress from desktop study to large scale implementation and real-time trials.