Oct 2015
Electricity Transmission
Detection and control of inter-area oscillations (DACIAO)
Oct 2015
Oct 2018
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Ben Marshall
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Network Innovation Allowance
High Voltage Technology, Harmonics, Measurement and Electricity Transmission Networks
It is proposed that the project follows the stages of investigation listed below:

  • WP1.1. Scoping and Literature review.
  • WP1.2 Identification of Modal behaviours Utilising Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs)
  • WP1.3 characterising the Modal behaviours and overall control space.
  • WP2.1 Application of analysis techniques to detect the risk of onset of inter-area modes.
  • WP2.2 Development & prototyping of an analysis tool to detect the risk of onset of inter-area modes
  • WP 3.1 Control system design & review.
  • WP 3.2 Assessment of possible control system approaches.
  • WP 3.3 Identification of those techniques to be applied to the GB transmission system to enable the specification/identification of the right control approaches.

The intended outputs of this project would be:-

  • Improved understanding of  inter-area mode phenomena
  • Development of a method and analysis package capable of identification of existing low magnitude inter-area modes and providing early warning of the onset of their severity
  • Appraisal and assessment of control options and the methodologies surrounding their application on the GB transmission system.
  • The detection method identifies oscillatory events that are currently observed

  • The analysis approach is able to highlight the risk of any inter-area modes developing

  • The control strategy (or strategies) can be demonstrated to have the capability to successfully limit the observed oscillations and approaches to responding flexibly to new modes/ optimally setting the control system at the design side are identified.