Apr 2015
Electricity Transmission
Feasibility of Risk based Network Planning
Apr 2015
Apr 2019
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Mark Osborne
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Network Innovation Allowance
Modelling, Asset Management and Electricity Transmission Networks
The feasibility and assessment will consider a small representative section of the National Grid Electricity Transmission Network, such that asset performance information can be provided and coupled with additional system conditions to provide a comprehensive set of conditions which can be processed to establish the risk levels associated with different planning scenarios.

The key objectives of this research is to:

  1. Establish the viability of developing and adopting a more risk based approach to network planning based around system and asset management factors.
  2. Scope out the level of data, analysis and resources necessary to provide this level of information and study capacity.
  3. Understand the likelihood that this method could be reliably and robustly incorporated into future Network Owner business planning models.
The development of a visualisation module incorporated into/ interfacing with PowerFactory to demonstrate the feasibility of this concept.