Mar 2015
Electricity Transmission
Black Start Alternative Approaches
Mar 2015
Jun 2015
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Nicola Lond
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Network Innovation Allowance
The Scope of the Project is intended to investigate the potential future option available for Black Start by looking at all possible technologies available and including but not limited to the following areas for consideration..

  1. Future Energy Scenarios - 2020

  2. Technical - Energisation Scenarios

  3. Technical Requirements

  4. International benchmarking

  5. Additional system benefits of approaches

  6. Regulatory and commercial arrangements.

The objective of this project is to complete a desktop study to investigate the potential of alternative Black Start options for the future. In particular to Identify credible Alternative approaches for the procurement of Black Start in GB in the future considering both Technical and Commercial /Regulatory frameworks.

This is a short initial study which may lead to further detailed studies on specific preferred options.

Alternative approaches will be identified. These should be credible alternatives that can be taken forward though either further studies or implementation plans.