Jul 2014
Electricity Transmission
Network Reliability Asset Replacement Decision Support Tool
Jul 2014
Jul 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Phil Haywood
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Network Innovation Allowance
This project is intended to produce a DST which enhances existing processes to manage the end of life issues and risks associated with the power transformer population National Grid has responsibility for in England and Wales.

The DST will build on existing value and experience gained by The University of Manchester  and National Grid in carrying out work  on “Transformers and System Reliability” which specifically looked at a limited section of the network. This work assessed the reliability of the test network based on a Non-sequential Monte Carlo approach.

1. Upgrade and document the existing reliability assessment software (based on Non-Sequential Monte Carlo approach) for application to the whole National Grid network model in DIgSILENT/Power Factory environment. Test and debug the model and software by collaboration between National Grid and The University of Manchester staff.

2. Provide a prioritised list of transformer replacement candidates (rank transformers based on criticality for system reliability as defined by Energy Not Supplied Index) across the whole National Grid network under a variety of scenarios.

3.   Report on results of performed sensitivity studies to give a clear understanding of the required level of detail of network modelling and accuracy of input parameters for power system and asset condition to validate the model outputs and indicate areas where additional data may be required.

The success criteria for the project will be;

  • Proof that the methodology can be applied to the whole network

  • Provision of a new prioritised list of replacement candidates that can be benchmarked against existing methodology to show value of approach

The development of software which is fit for purpose, user friendly, documented and supportable.