Feb 2014
Electricity Transmission
Noise Assessment of ACCR Conductor
Feb 2014
Aug 2015
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Mike Fairhurst
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of the project covers the replacement of 3 spans of a particular conductor, with a new type of low noise conductor. The project will then collect and analyse data and perform comparisions between the two conductors. If there is a positive outcome of the project, it will provide support to future re-conductoring projects by being able to provide assurance during planning permission stages, that the uprating from 275kV to 400kV will not materially affect the local environment. Noise issues are a criteria of this planning process.

The objective of the project is to trial a conductor that can provide high capacity and low noise on the Over Head Line Transmission network.

  • Stringing of the conductor

  • Data Collection for 1 year

  • Data interpretation and comparison to existing conductor

  • Business Implimentation documents