Oct 2012
Electricity Transmission
Impact of Seabed Properties on Ampacity and Reliability of Cables (ICASE Award)
Oct 2012
Jul 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Greg Tzemis
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Network Innovation Allowance
This project will utilise existing and new field data for HV cable routes (high resolution seismic, core logs and attendant geotechnical measurements and direct time series of thermal measurements) to understand spatial and temporal variability of the pre- and postinstallation physical environment along cable routes on the UK shelf.

The objectives of the project include:

  • Developing an understanding of the influence of geotechnical properties of the seabed on the performance of subsea cable and produce an improved method for specifying future connections.
  • Investigating the impact of trenching and backfill on key physical parameters and their influence on cable thermal rating and long-term reliability.
The success criteria of this project include:
  • Initial report on the influence on cable performance of shallow water geophysical parameters.

  • Report on the spatial and temporal variability of key seabed parameters and the design and selection of data.

  • Report on the influence of seabed parameters on the operation and long-term reliability of cable assets.

  • Final Report