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Aug 2013
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Fan Li
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Network Innovation Allowance
The UltraWire project consists of two parts:

The Nano Carbon Enhance Materials (NCEM) consortium, comprising a number of industrial and academic partners is a collaboration forum where knowledge is shared between interested parties in enhanced Nano Carbon materials.

The second part is the Euro FP7 project Ultrawire.  This project is aimed at developing a copper nanocarbon composite with  significantly improved overall properties, including electrical, thermal and mechanical performances compared with bulk copper. The proposal also aims to develop production process that will be scalable to large volume manufacture.

The ultimate objective of this proposal is to define a pilot process route capable of high volume production of a copper-based conductor wire (UltraWire) with at least 40% improved electrical conductivity and significantly enhanced physical properties for use in the electrical distribution and automotive industries.

The primary success criteria for this project are:

  • To test demonstrator UltraWire under conditions required by electrical transmission and automotive specifications

  • To identify those joining methods for UltraWire that maintain, as far as possible, the electrical properties across the join and minimises reductions in other physical properties

  • To define suitable methods for recycling UltraWire and returning it into the copper processing chain. A further option is to recycle material from either route back into the continuous casting experiments at AGH and determine any loss in electrical conductivity.

  • To ensure that all the above methods and processes pose minimal Health & Safety risk from the use of nano-materials.