Mar 2014
Electricity Transmission
Determining a threshold for magnetophosphenes perception at 50Hz
Mar 2014
Mar 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Hayley Tripp
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electricity Transmission Networks
This project addresses one of the key weaknesses in the current literature on which EMF exposure limits (both occupational and public) are based. The scope of this research project is to establish a robust threshold for magnetophosphenes perception during exposure to 50 Hz EMF which is the acute biological response on which current guidelines are formulated.

The objectives for the project are to:

  • Establish the magnetic field exposure threshold at 50 Hz at which magnetophosphenes are perceived.
  • Provide preliminary data of a frequency response curve for magnetophosphene perception.
The success criteria will be a publically accessible scientific research paper published in the peer-reviewed literature detailing the experimental results.