Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
EPRI Research Collaboration on Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequencies
Apr 2013
Jan 2015
National Grid Electricity Transmission
John Swanson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Health and Safety
The Electric and Magnetic Fields and Radio-Frequency Health Assessment and Safety EPRI: the purpose of the program is to provide:

  • Timely, reliable EMF and RF scientific research results, communication materials, relevant background information, and analyses of key external studies;

  • Publicly accessible, up-to-date information on EMF and RF research, health risk evaluations, and regulatory actions;

  • Experimental and epidemiologic research investigating high-priority residential and occupational EMF and RF health and safety questions;

  • EMF Workstation software for modelling T&D infrastructure EMF in residential and occupational settings;

  • EMF and RF exposure characterization research and exposure assessment software;

  • Educational materials, including instructional EMF/RF DVDs, tutorials, and RF safety awareness training;

  • Comprehensive assessment of the potential effects of EMF on aquatic life from submerged cables; and

  • Investigation of potential EMF interaction with implanted medical devices.
  • To generate accurate understanding of the health impacts of EMF and RF. 
  • To develop health risk evaluations and exposure guidelines. 
  • To create publications and other communication material that can be used to inform the public. 


Complete priority studies and prepare publish scientific papers and other publications and presentations to inform the industry and other interested parties on EMF and RF health research and guidelines.