Jan 2014
Electricity Transmission
Identification and Mitigation of Large Equipment Transport Issues
Jan 2014
Mar 2015
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Doug Dodds & Richard Josebury
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management
The scope of the project covers a desktop study to identify constraint issues around delivery of large assets in Stage 1, and then using the information gathered to produce a solution that overcomes these constraints in Stage 2.

Whilst transformer design is one avenue of mitigation, another option is to alter the design of the trailer systems used for delivery of the units. The current position is limited to the use of only 2 trailers within the UK as they have the capability to handle loads in excess of 148 tonnes. This study will investigate the feasibility of National Grid developing, on its own or in partnership, a trailer system specifically designed to our requirements, and take into account potential contraints, while looking at methods to overcome them. This will allow us to fix delivery, and standardise the delivery approach and associated costs. Ideally, this will take account of and document / make available current and future possible constraints, identifying the ideal design parameters of a trailer / delivery system in order to mitigate, reduce and standardise delivery risks.

  • Assess risks associated with the location / routes used by Abnormal loads.
  • Critically review sites and assets to categorise into traffic light vulnerability bands.
  • Develop a methodology for ensuring information on transformer movements is accessible.
  • Develop the design criteria for a system which can be tailored to ensure all NG assets can reach all NG sites.
  • Increase the options available to deal with abnormal loads.
  • Production of a traffic light based risk assessment for transport to sites

  • Production of action plans to address the traffic light contraints

  • Production of design criteria document for a trailer that meets the needs of National Grid when transporting large assets.