Nov 2013
Electricity Transmission
Control of Debris and Dust from the Treatment of Grade 4 Tower Steelwork (G4T)
Nov 2013
Nov 2014
National Grid Electricity Transmission
David A Smith
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Network Innovation Allowance
A total of approximately 20 towers, scheduled for re-painting, have been identified to be in close proximity to particularly sensitive environments. The re-painting process has had a full risk assessment and the level of risk is acceptable except in very sensitive areas. The three approaches being evaluated have been identified as innovative, practical ways of mitigating against the risk. Following successful demonstration the process can be implemented to towers in sensitive environments.

The key deliverables of this project will include;

The adaptation of recognised methodologies (debris netting, hand-held vacuum, industrial vacuum with manifold system) for mitigation of the effects of cleaning structural steel work and the demonstration of the effectiveness of these solution for use on National Grid’s overhead line towers during outage & non-outage conditions.

The creation of a procedure/manual to support ongoing implementation of the techniques developed.

The success of the project will be based on the following criteria:

  • The identification of an appropriate, cost effective approach to capturing dust and debris during the abrasion process of preparation for re-painting through assessment and demonstration of three potential options.

  • The development of supporting documentation to assist the approach being implemented within National Grid.