Nov 2013
Electricity Transmission
Electricity Demand Archetype Model 2
Nov 2013
Nov 2014
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Bernie Dolan
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Network Innovation Allowance
The EDAM2 project will build on the algorithms already developed for EDAM1 (Residential demand only) and the EST (Energy Saving Trust)/UCL (University College London) FALCON energy demand model (Residential, non-domestic and generation embedded at lower than NG voltage).

It will include:

  • A review of potential changes to non-domestic demand due to technology adoption (to complement the existing view of Residential demand)

  • An investigation into the impacts of weather changes on demand across both residential and non-domestic sectors

  • A forecast of embedded generation supply and demand

Note: Falcon is a LCNF project being conducted by EST/UCL in collaboration with WPD (Western Power Distribution).

The key objective is to develop a model that will enable the GB System Operator to produce more realistic demand forecasts in the future (up to 2020). 


In addition to use this information to stress test our business processes and to assess their viability for future operation by having a better understanding of the rate of change of demand during the day at key moments

  • A model which can be shown to replicate current demand profiles (i.e. with zero new technology uptake) at National level

  • Future demand profiles with fully understood assumptions that can be traced to the final results generated

  • A tool that allows data to be easily extracted and used in other areas.