Aug 2013
Electricity Transmission
Incident Investigation Review
Aug 2013
Feb 2015
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Andy Buxton
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Network Innovation Allowance
Health and Safety
This is a review of current Incident Investigation Procedure in order to reduce repeat incidents by improving the quality of incident investigations. This will ensure that NGET share learning generated by each incident that can be applied across the business in order to prevent incident re-occurrence, ultimately making the process more efficient and less costly in human, monetary and reputation terms.

To avoid repeat incidents by introducing improved and more efficient investigation tools which identify root cause(s) and identify appropriate corrective actions. Also, to address Human Factors more appropriately within Incident Investigations. 

This project will be successful if we capture more accurate data for trending following an incident and to identify the appropriate corrective actions more efficiently. In addition, the new tool implementation and training will allow for better learning from these incidents and investigations, with the goal of safety improvements and by reducing repeat incidents.