Aug 2013
Electricity Transmission
Proof of Concept for IEC61850 Process Bus Technology
Aug 2013
Feb 2018
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Martin Carpenter
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Network Innovation Allowance
Substations and Protection
The purpose of the trial is to demonstrate the benefits of Process Bus technology when applied to an existing circuit with conventional and non conventional instrument transformers (NCIT). The trial consists of an additional GIS NCIT and Process Bus connected feeder protection solution at the new build 400kV substation at Bodelwyddan and conventional analogue protection solutions at the two remote ends – Pentir & Deeside.

The trial equipment is overlaid on the operational protection solution for the circuit and is to be removed at the end of the trial. It is unlikely that NG will remove the GIS NCITs at the end of the trial however some decommissioning costs will be incurred for removing protection relays and ancillary services.

The majority of the funding of the trial is from ABB, with a contribution (notionally £50k) from National Grid to support and direct the trial ambitions. Additional internal resources have been identified to manage the site installation, commissioning and decommissioning of the equipment at the three substations, provide site visits and monitor project performance during the 2 year trial period.

Outputs from the project will drive changes in Policy, Specifications and Application Guidance for future pilot and project installations

The project objectives are to install protection and control equipment that complies with the IEC61850 standard, at 400kV. Part of this objective will be to address issues that arise with the interface between conventional protection and NCITs.

This project will be successful if the IEC standard equipment can be successfully used on site, and interfaced with existing equipment.