Dec 2013
Electricity Transmission
13kV Shunt Reactor Refurbishment
Dec 2013
Mar 2015
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Ruth Hooton & Andrew Roxborough
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of the project covers the relocation of a failed 13kV 2x30MVA shunt reactor (English Electric design) from Willesden substation, London to ABB, Drammen, Norway for inspection; technical teardown (to include recommendations on refurbishment options); redesign and if economically feasible, manufacture of the active part; refurbishment of reactor tank and cooler bank (with option to replace cooler bank with modern equivalent); factory acceptance test of refurbished unit to modern standards and installation and commissioning of the refurbished reactor in its original location at Willesden substation i.e. the reactor will reuse the existing plinth therefore negating the need for extensive civil works.

To establish viability of refurbishment (including active part redesign) of a 13kV reactor.

This project will be successful is we establise a methodology for refurbishment of 13kV Shunt Reactors suitable for modern standards. Further success for this project will be if the refurbishment is economically viable, and also if we can roll out the refurbishment option to the National Grid 13kV reactor fleet.