May 2013
Electricity Transmission
Online Gas in Oil Analysis on Existing HV Cables
May 2013
Jun 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Carl Johnstone
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management
The scope of the project covers the methods of monitoring the condition of cable insulation using the Online Gas-in-Oil (NIA_NGET0092) project to look for early internal insulation breakdown. The project will provide risk mitigation for a cable with a recent history of issues and has been repaired and may have a recurring defect. The learning through this project will provide information for policy on the technical and whole life value of retro-fitting sensors and/or methods to provide information for asset health and replacement prioritisation. This project is innovative because the work on condition monitoring of insulation breakdown has never been completed before.

To be able to provide online information on the state of insulation in HV cables installed on the Transmission system. 

This project will be successful if National Grid can quantitively monitor HV cable insulation.