Feb 2014
Electricity Transmission
Impact Assessment of Seismic Analysis on Electricity Towers and Substation Equipment / Structures
Feb 2014
Mar 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Gibson Bhunu
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Network Innovation Allowance
Health and Safety, Overhead Lines, Substations and System Security
This assessment will be based upon assessment of the seismic response of an example Over Head Line (OHL) Tower and substation support structure.

An initial screening process will be undertaken to review what structure types present the highest risk in terms of potential failure during a seismic event.

A fracking study will be undertaken to assess the potential impact to National Grids assets by adjacent fracking activities and subsequent induced ground movement events. In particular, consideration will be given to potential increased maintenance requirements and reduction in asset life, based on the British Geological Survey information on likely fracking areas and National Grid's Assets.

The objective of this work is to gain a better understanding of whether the current design specification is adequate to cope with the largest credible earthquake in the UK.

The second objective is to understand any implications to the National Grid system and assets from a lower intensity, higher frequency seismic activity, that might be induced by fracking activities.

  • Production of a network model, based on the impact of earthquake

  • Production of a network model, based on the impact of fracking