Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Transformer Research Consortium
Apr 2013
Oct 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission, SP Transmission and UK Power Networks
Paul Jarman
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management and Transformers
This proposal for funding a research consortium at the University of Manchester follows two phases of a very successful collaborative research programmes at Manchester with most of the same partners into the properties of natural and synthetic esters and their suitability for use in transformers. The knowledge gained has proved to be world class and these oils are now being used in auxiliary and earthing transformers to successfully reduce fire protection costs. There is a significant possibility of using alternative fluids in a city centre project to reduce fire risks. This project continues that collaboration into an expanded range of transformer issues agreed by the partners to be of critical interest to the industry. The costs are split equally and this represents particularly good value. The project helps to retain transformer knowledge and expertise at Manchester.

The research objectives are on the following topics:

  • Ageing assessment (methods and experience)
  • Partial discharge diagnostics (laboratory studies of discharge, detection and effects)
  • Dissolved gas analysis, practical work on DGA understanding
  • Thermal analysis, providing practical tools for assessing thermal capability and design of transformers 
This project will be successful if we gain a greater understanding of the research areas, and are able to use that knowledge to influence the management of transformers on the UK system.