Aug 2013
Electricity Transmission
UK Regional Wind: Extreme behaviour and predictability
Aug 2013
Aug 2015
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Lenaghan
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network Monitoring
The scope of the project is to examine the wind’s properties over spatial scales between the two existing projects (i.e., bigger than a single wind-farm but smaller than a 250x250km area) and, secondly, to understand how well operational weather forecast models are able to predict these events.

The objectives of the project are based on five work packages; this includes

  • WP 1 – Obtaining observational data and robustness testing of “UK wide wind” results
  • WP 2 – Predictability: statistical
  • WP 3 – Predictability: case studies
  • WP 4 – “Worst case” scenarios at sub-regional level
  • WP 5 – Dissemination and identification of further research needs

New learning will be generated from an improved understanding of extreme wind events and the response to these events that occur during the project’s duration.