Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Cable Oil Regeneration
Apr 2013
Jul 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Martin Wilson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Environmental and Conductors
Following recent research it is believed that 98% of cable oil can be recycled and re introduced into the cables. An oil regeneration plant can regenerate the cable oil on site and reintroduced the oil back into the cables without the added costs and associated risks. Presently the UK has only one cable oil manufacturer thus making the availability of this oil a high risk and possibly leading to a high cost. There has been a recent increase in cost of cable oil due to the availability of the raw product from abroad.

This project will provide an on site service which will give the asset owner of all oil filled cables the option of
purifying and re using any oil extract from cables during maintenance and repairs. Thus removing the need to
dispose of large quantities of waste oil.

This project has the potential to deliver net financial benefits to customers due to the significant reduction of waste oil.

Currently, National Grid has to pay to obtain oil that goes into the cable that meets the required IEC standard. National Grid then have to pay for the disposal of that oil when the cable route is flushed or decommissioned.