Jul 2011
Electricity Transmission
Rapid Deployment Ballistic Screens
Jul 2011
Mar 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Graham Moss
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Network Innovation Allowance
Health and Safety
National Grid in the past has looked at the problem of screening from a very local viewpoint, and tended to rely on screening systems that are not capable of being easily transported, manoeuvred and put into the HV environment without outages, lifting equipment and substantial cost.

The objective of this project is to deliver a cheap, effective and easily deployed ballistic screening module that is easily capable of withstanding the resulting debris from a typical catastrophic failure of porcelain clad HV transmission asserts such as those seen in FMJL, FMVGs, SP2 breakers, bushings etc. It will be modular to cope with as small, or as large a deployment screen as required. Fully non-metal, it can be used within a live substation. 

This project is successful will be successful if we improve the knowledge around the materials ability to withstand three times the highest energy impacts seen in the controlled disruptive failures.