Jan 2012
Electricity Transmission
Alternative Differential Unit Protection for Cable only and Cable & OHL hybrid installations
Jan 2012
Jan 2014
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Tahasin Rahman
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Network Innovation Allowance
Conductors and Resilience
This R&D Project aims :

  • To evaluate the practicability, reliability and benefits of implementing alternative non conventional current sensors (i.e. Rogowski coil) based differential unit protection for Cable systems (i.e. Cable only and Cable & OHL hybrid installations) over conventional Current Transformer (CT) based protection. To carry out the preliminary evaluation a pilot installation is recommended on Pitsmoor-Wincobank cable circuit on April 2012 as monitoring unit.

  • To determine the systems suitability to be utilised as Emergency Return to Service (ERTS) system.

    This will help to formulate a technical and operational knowledge base for Non Conventional Instrument Transformer (NCIT) protection systems which could lead to evaluation of future technical and procurement strategy to deploy as replacement and/or new Cable system protection.

To report on the practicalities reliability and potential benefits of implementing alternative non conventional current sensors. 

To identify potential of implementing non conventional current sensors across the transmission network.